The reason Dog Poop is so important

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Have you been out with your dog for walks, only to realize half way through the walk that you forgot to take the baggies for dog poop clean up Phoenix? The simple plastic bags you forgot to bring could be the worst thing you've ever done when you're taking an outing with your dog , or playing in the park. Not only is it rude to dump your dog's poop in someone's yard or in the park, it's even illegal.

Some states are raising the fines they hand to those who do not clean up dog pee. The majority of fines are between 150 to 250 dollars. It's a substantial cost for leaving your dog's poop behind however, they don't enforce it solely because dog pee is unpleasant.The dog's waste can carry a variety of diseases , and is known to pollute fresh water. Studies have placed dogs third or fourth on the list of the contributors to bacteria in water that is contaminated. The reason for this is that all dogs are afflicted with a bacteria known as coliform. This could include E. Salmonella, coli and Giardia. All of these can be dangerous for humans. All of this wouldn't cause a problem in the absence of more than 77 million dogs that reside by the United States. However, the huge number of dogs make their droppings from dogs a greater issue. However, the issue could be slowed down the dog owners took their time cleaning up after their pet. Numerous studies have revealed that around 40 percent of Americans do not clean up after their pets. To prevent spreading these illnesses and keep our water free of contaminants, all pet owners should feel the urge and want to clean up after their dogs using baggies for dog waste. Do not just do it to avoid paying a huge penalty, but take it as a way to keep our water clean it's as easy as placing a few dog poop bags inside your purse each time you take an outing or go at the playground.